taptl invented the world’s first fully-custom transparent touch-screen glass monitor.  Now, we have developed a line of bright, lighting agnostic, transparent touch screen displays.

You can now be looking at a website on your window, your glass table, or an elegant piece of glass. Building facades could serve as advertising platforms, consumers could buy items from storefronts, information could be safely conveyed through windshields. No projectors. No lighting constraints.

Our patent-pending technology reduces the physical footprint to that of a normal flatscreen monitor. All lighting mechanisms and required electronic functionality are self-contained.


Mary Wolff

Mary is one of the most tenacious women in the technology start-up sector! She is responsible for maintaining the direction of the company, creating key partnerships, and allocating the resources necessary to propel taptl forward.

Mary was born and raised in the Saint Louis area. Upon completing her undergrad at Washington University in Saint Louis, she migrated south to become a Hurricane at the University of Miami. Graduating with her J.D. and L.L.M. – along with passing the Bar – she has a solid track record of success.

In less than a year, Mary was named CEO of taptl, during which time she successfully navigated the company through the Prosper Accelerator and was the catalyst behind the company’s receipt of a 2015 Arch Grant.

jeremiah patterson

Jeremiah is the inventor of the interactive transparent display technology on which taptl bases its hardware and software portfolios. He is responsible for charting the strategic course of taptl‘s hardware and software verticals, as well as actively developing software for future taptl applications.

“People think I’m out of my mind for believing that we can change the world through the development of innovative display technology. They said the same thing about the PC.”

Jeremiah hails from the Washington D.C. area. He built his first computer at age 5 and subsequently built his first business at age 14. Along with providing strategic leadership for taptl, he has over 12 years on Active Duty in the U.S. Air Force, where he specializes in substance abuse counseling for America’s war fighters.