Transparent Displays – Fact Vs. Fiction

Minority Report has been airing on television this month. This 2002 Tom Cruise science fiction film was supposed to be the year 2054, showing the use transparent displays throughout. Today, taptl offers customizable transparent displays that are reminiscent. But what’s the real story with putting these forward-thinking units to use in your business or home?

Fact – You need to do your homework before you would ever want to make a purchase. If you specialize in the digital customer experience (DCX) or digital operational excellence (DOX), you already subscribe to analyst reports and follow the latest technology blogs. But for anyone else, whether you need one screen or one hundred, what is your organization or department’s goal? What are the various applications you will use your screen for?

Fiction – You can plug and play with these units. Unfortunately, this is not the case. You will minimally need to set up an internet connection and X.

FactA third party service provider can be very helpful in making your cutting edge living room or showroom a reality. Analyst firms agree that these days, you can save a lot of time and headaches by employing a technology partner who can advise you on this kind of a strategy and purchase.

Fiction – You can only acquire these units through a third party service provider. Although a third party service provider can help your business with a technical strategy, taptl can also accommodate your needs with our partners to offer you a streamlined project to save time and money.

Fiction – These units are too expensive for most businesses. Actually, if you employ a long-term strategy, you could realize a significant return on investment in a matter of weeks or months. For example, many fast casual establishments have a legal mandate that they must provide caloric information by the end of the year. Instead of producing expensive signage that might be out of date within a short time, consider using a transparent display. You could update menu items and caloric counts, change the menu to reflect the time of day, promote discounts and engage customers with video, and interactive applications.

So whether you are considering transparent displays for your organization, for one store or for a retail chain, there are many factors to consider. Contact taptl to get the facts on what it would take to put a customized unit in your future.