Traditional Advertising Vs. Emerging Technology For Retailers

Imagine a customer walking by a store on a busy street full of shops. She glances at store displays, window-shopping for the holidays. Suddenly, what she thought was a large, traditional digital signage display playing a video of a fashion show surprisingly allows her to simultaneously peer into the store. Mesmerized, she watches for a minute and then see a shirt in the fashion show that she must have. She uses the touch-screen technology to pause the video and zoom into the item. Then, she is shown a range of colors, sizes and prices. Interested, she swipes the window clear and peers into the shop where she can see the merchandise inside is exactly like the video. She holds her smart phone next to the NFC patch on the window and checks out, just like Apple Pay.

This is not science fiction, in fact, your shop could have this technology today with a customized transparent touch-screen display from taptl. taptl develops, manufactures and sells transparent touch-screens. The touch-screens can be used as windows, kiosks, directories, “TVs,” or computers for personal or business use. The technology is currently being marketed to the luxury interiors industry, including retail, yachts, aircrafts, and homes. They are offered in sizes 5”-110”, available in HD and UHD, and are environmentally sustainable, with endless applications.

In the past, retailers relied on traditional advertising, social media, and other methods to capture the attention of customers. In this day and age, the connected retailers with innovative displays will win in the long run. Print and television advertising, direct mailers, and even catalogues are obsolete methods of increasing conversions in today’s world where customers want to be courted on their mobile devices and other efficient technologies that can provide them with a unique shopping experience.

Costs for taptl transparent touch-screens are simply combined into an advertising budget as they also double as communication and display units. They can be easily integrated into an existing storefront or built directly into new construction. Once you review the other options, taptl will emerge as an ideal way to give your customers the best in (and out) of store experience they could hope for. Learn more here.